Parsis in Pakistan

Once upon a time there was quite a large Parsi population in Pakistan, especially in Karachi. They contributed significantly to the urban landscape of the city, and many buildings, institutes and hospitals are named after them. I think now there are very few Parsis in Karachi. While browsing through a Marg magazine I read an article on the Parsi contribution to the city of Karachi in Marg Magazine. I also came across link about the Nusserwanjee building which is a part of the Indus Vally School of Art and Architecture.

If anyone has old pictures of the Parsis of Pakistan, please do feel free to share them with me.



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4 responses to “Parsis in Pakistan

  1. Iraj

    Not just “once upon a time” but even today, Pakistan still has rather a large Zoroastrian population most of them centered in a Karachi though a few also live in Lahore (in the Panjab) and in Quetta (Balochistan, western Pakistan). In addition to the local Zoroastrians (called “Parsis”), Pakistan also has Zoroastrians of Iranian origin who were assisted in migrating by Pakistan’s local “Parsi” population. The Zoroastrians of Iran origin speak Persian at home though they are able to fluently speak Urdu as well. The Pakistani Zoroastrians of local origin leave there dead exposed in the Towers of Silence estate in Karachi for vultures to eat while the immigrant Zoroastrians of Iranian origin prefer to bury their dead like the Muslims do. They regard the exposing of bodies to the vultures (practiced by the indigenous Zoroastrian population) as repugnant and out-dated. About this issue, a huge battle has ensued in Zoroastrian population of Pakistan. The Zoroastrians of Quetta who are more liberal than those of Karachi, bury their dead and Quetta, Pakistan is the only place outside of Iran which boasts a Zoroastrian cemetary.

  2. Hina Khan

    I wanted to know whether the famous Parsi community’s philanthropic and charity work is limited to their own people or also to the general public? I would be thankful if some details are furnished.

  3. designscene

    Philanthropic organisations started by Parsis are open to the general public.

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